What is the essence of Ya Hair method?

Offer patients the best hair treatment at the best market price. Working with capillary medicine specialists have years of experience; using the latest techniques and cutting edge technology. Make the patient feel at home and hold it over the different evolutionary stages of treatment. Betting on transparency and ethics.

What are the main advantages of the method Pelo Ya?

Achieve, through the use of new techniques, a subsequent scar untraceable (to the point that escapes the watchful and expert eye of your own hairdresser), a completely natural result that will allow you to comb your hair as a few years ago, a single capillary density and an incredibly elegant front design.

Did ya hair method achieves better results?

We assure the best outcome in the market.

Is the procedure painful?

Thanks to the technique of sedation and local anesthesia, surgery is absolutely painless.

What is antibaldness Ya Hair Treatment?

Hair Treatment consists of painless micro applications on the scalp, based on our formula , and hair act until your next visit to our center, in a timely manner, in unpopulated areas.
After each session, our team will deliver the product kit for you to continue treatment at home, without any complications, achieving results from the first month.

* The meeting will take 10 minutes.
* 1 or 2 times per month.
* Effective, painless and with excellent results.

You can measure the evolution of your Hair Restoration week to week, from a first picture I will take on your visit.
You see, it is very simple. That's why we designed for those who do not need the Microimplant, a simple, fast and with the possibility to follow him all month from home hair treatment.

What density or volume of follicles obtained with the method Pelo Ya?

The density level is amazing in most cases, taking into account that always depends on the density and elasticity that presents the occipital each patient donor area, but also of basal alopecia. So in Ya Hair, densitometric conducted extensive studies associated with physical examinations, which allow us to calculate very accurately the number of follicles to be implanted in the operating room afterwards.

What I can do with my new hair?

After two weeks of intervention have elapsed, you can return to all your usual activities, except for playing sports; for that you have to wait 15 days. After all, they're your own hair and will not fall anymore in your life.

How much time passes before you see results?

The new follicles need 3 months to grow strongly, therefore 70% of them will fall during the first three months and then reappear not to fall further throughout your life. The remaining 30% empecerá to grow immediately after the intervention. One year after surgery the end result will be obtained.

What is Female Hair Esthetics?

Hair treatment designed for women.
The only procedure able to solve your hair problems:

* Weakened Hair
* Damage caused by tinctures
* dry hair
* Hair resquebradizo
* Damage from sun exposure
* Stress and many other causes.

Esthetics by Capilar Women are going to have a healthy long hair.
I do something positive for your hair. Proba somewhat effective advised by our professional dermatologists.

How long does the surgery?

Approximately 3 to 4 hours time span during which you can listen to your MP3 music, watch TV, talk to your phone to not stop working and talking with the staff that is in the operating room, among other things. During surgery you prune up to go to the bathroom or ask for a break if you are tired; the whole team will be at your disposal to make everything as pleasant as possible.

Is there any prepaid covering this intervention?

At the moment we have no agreement with prepaid or social work, but we have excellent forms of payment. For more information see our institution.

Is there an age limit to perform this type of intervention according to the method Pelo Ya?

There is no age limit, because the longer hair method can be implemented in all ages. Our youngest patient surgery was performed at 18 with parental consent, while our oldest patient was operated at 82.

How many follicles are needed and how many surgeries have to make in my case?

The number of follicles and interventions to achieve the best aesthetic results vary from patient. Naturally it depends on the density at the donor site, the elasticity of the same area, the degree of alopecia patient and the surgeon's experience. That's why we suggest you consult with our specialists, who with painstaking dedication evacuate all your doubts and made an accurate estimate of the number of follicles to be implanted and the number of interventions required to complete treatment. We remind you that between an intervention and another must pass 12 months.

Do implanted hair will not fall more? How long?

The implanted hair will last your whole life, because they derive from so-called safe areas where hair is genetically or hormonally neither overloaded.

Do I need any studies or blood tests before surgery?

For us it is essential that the patient is in good health for the intervention is made, therefore all our patients request full blood and ECG with surgical risk. On the other hand each patient signs an informed before undergoing such surgery consent.

How many surgeries need to get to eliminate baldness?

It depends primarily on the degree of baldness that each patient presents. In general a patient with grade IV hereafter needs two or three implants, but it depends on the characteristics of the scalp of each patient and each expectation.

What technique used method Ya Hair?

In 85% of cases we use the technique SLUF O FUT (Follicular Unit Strip Surgery or Follicular Unit Transplantation); only the remaining 15% use a new technique called WAS (Follicular Unit Extraction) that allows us to implement a small number of follicles, why the implement when isolated and in patients with small degrees of baldness.

Is it true that the FUT technique leaves a visible scar in the donor region located in the occipital area?

The FUT technique we use with hair Ya method allows us, thanks to the meticulousness with which our surgeons perform suturing, challenge your hairdresser after a few months after surgery. Also thanks to our specialists method Ya Hair implement a new suture technique called "trichophytic technique" which allows virtually hide the scar. Therefore we assure that the residual scar will soon transform into a tiny wrinkle hidden in your hair, or your hairdresser will be able to find.

What is the hair micro?

It is a modern technique based on the extraction of functional units in the posterior scalp (occipital region) during the same surgical procedure are implanted in a recipient area depopulated.

Does the patient need hospitalization for this surgery?

It is not necessary considering that it is a painless technique that is performed in a few hours under local anesthesia. Throughout the duration of surgery a cardiologist monitors the patient, which in the meantime can read, watch a movie, listen to music, etc.

Do implanted hair can subsequently be cut or dyed?

The implanted hair can be treated normally, considering that it's own hair to grow following the implant in another area of ​​the scalp. There is no risk of rejection.

After the intervention, is there to do something special?

We only need to perform post-surgical scrubs twice and in our institution.

The result is final?

Yes, the result is final. The implanted follicles go through the same evolutionary cycle of those who are in the posterior region of the scalp, where precisely the removal was performed.

Are the results immediate?

No, the new hair will begin to grow by 70% from the third month, while the remaining 30% will grow from the day of surgery. So in a year the patient will enjoy the final result. The pace of growth is usually 1 cm per month.

When I can return to normal physical activities?

After 48 hours you can perform aerobic activities while to return to the sport you need to wait a month. The patient must also avoid prolonged sun exposure for three weeks.

What happens during the post-operative?

Post-surgical evolution brings no problems, the suture in the occipital region is removed after about 12 days, it is advisable not to work for 48 hours, one can use a cap to go out, you need to take antibiotics as in any surgery and avoid intense physical activity for 1 week.

What is the image of the face after surgery?

After the intervention inconspicuous small scabs that usually fall to 7 days appear.

When I can get back to work?

Usually you can return to work the next day, but it is preferable that the surgeon prior directed postoperative control.

Why choose Ya Hair?

Because we guarantee that this type of intervention is accessible to all social classes in our country, through unbeatable prices and forms of payment. Why we offer a personalized and patient monitoring in post-operative impossible to find in other companies. Because, through a mega session, we managed to deploy up to 12,000 hairs; all thanks to the joint work of a team of excellent specialists in medicine hair. Because we have extensive experience and use the most advanced in the field of hair medicine techniques; We also have the latest technology.