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Hair Implants

Hair and uses the latest technology to recover your hair once and forever. To do this, our team has implemented hair surgeons worldwide hair micro technique, which you can now try in Argentina. 

Thanks to this new technique, we recreate the natural line of your hair through an imperceptible and natural intervention.

The first step involves removal of a small capillary strip the donor site found in the back of the head, by incision closed by trichophytic technique. This technique minimizes the scar and allows your hair to grow through it.

Subsequently, the strip pulled from the donor area is processed with special stereomicroscopes, where each follicular unit is separated carefully then introduce it into the receiving area of ​​the head.

Ya Hair Hair Recovery is performed on an outpatient basis strict biosafety standards and a friendly atmosphere. During the intervention you can enjoy a movie, read a book or listen to music. 

When transplanting the follicular unit, this hair will remain strong and healthy as it was in the area of origin. Since the new hair is genetically programmed not to fall, the results you get will be effective and permanent.

The hair transplanted in one session will begin to grow slowly (1.50 millimeters per week) for approximately 3 months after surgery, and thus gradually to recover totally natural hair you always wanted.

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