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In Ya Hair not only your hair worries us also your time and economy.


That's why we designed for those who do not need microtransplant, a simple, fast and with the possibility to follow him all month from home hair treatment. Only take 15 minutes of your time, one to two times a month at our center.

You can measure the evolution of your Hair Restoration week to week , from a first picture I will take on your visit.

You see, it is very simple. But ... How does it apply?

Hair Treatment consists of painless micro applications on the scalp, based on our formula Ya hair until your next visit will act in a timely manner in unpopulated areas.

After each session, our team will deliver the product kit for you to continue treatment at home, without any complications, achieving results from the first month. 15 minutes , once or twice per month, effective, painless and with excellent results. Because no matter what problems head you come, we will solve them .

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